The Irish Melanoma Forum was founded in 2011 at a time when it was becoming clear that major developments in the treatment of melanoma were underway. Both members and the general public can find topics relating to Melanoma research, treatments and new innovations in the clinical and scientific community.

In Ireland every year there are approximately 630 new cases of melanoma and 110 people die of the disease.  Melanoma accounts for only a small percentage of  total cancer deaths (1-2%) but, as it tends to affect younger people, it accounts for a significantly greater proportion of potential life-years-lost.

The IMF was established in 2011 to:

  • Raise awareness of malignant melanoma
  • Educate the public regarding prevention, early detection and treatment
  • Foster collaboration between health care professionals and researchers
  • Advocate on behalf of patients so that all receive optimal treatment

The IMF Is An Inclusive Organisation

The Irish Melanoma Forum welcomes new members from healthcare, allied professions and the general public. Look out for our open meetings and member events throughout the year.